Sampler Archive

Galentine's Day 2018

  • Kick It, Breakfast Style: creamy butter, crisp bacon, cinnamon and spices, golden batter, sweet maple syrup and vanilla sugar.
  • Waffles, Friends, and Work: creamy vanilla waffle batter, maple syrup, and whipped cream
  • Bouquet of hand crocheted flower pens: apple and peach highlight a dewy rose and water lily heart as white cedar, vetiver, sandalwood and musk linger (be enchanted type)
  • Lilith Fair, Minus the Angst: clean citrus followed by sweet florals of jasmine and violets and rests on a base of cedar, sandalwood, musk, tonka, and light amber notes
  • Galentine’s Mimosas: an effervescent blend of Champagne, juicy nectarine, and blackcurrant (champagne toast type)
  • Ladies Celebrating Ladies: sparkling white wine with whispers of wild jasmine and peony on a soothing base of amber, sandalwood and musk (a thousand wishes type)
  • Poetic, & Noble Land Mermaid: aquatic florals, sea moss, & sea air on a base of woods

The Tea Room Sampler:

  • Apricot + Honey: juicy apricot, honey, jasmine, & white tea**
  • Black Camomile: camomile tea, coconut water, lily, & tonka 
  • Green Tea + Cucumber: green tea with fresh cucumber
  • White Tea + Ginger: white tea, spiced ginger, & jasmine

The Ocean is a Friend of Mine (inspired by Moana)

  •  I am Moana: hibiscus, sweet coconut, peony, violet, & vanilla
  •  Heart of Te Fiti: lemon, clove, sandalwood, creamed vanilla, rainforest greens, cinnamon, & musk
  •  You’re Welcome: coconut, coriander, bergamot, oak, woodsmoke, & caramel
  •  Where You Are: sea spray, cactus, sea moss, driftwood, & coconut
  •  Attack of the Kakamora: coconut milk, & vanilla cream
  •  I Like to Dance with the Water: (dancing waters type) cyclamen, freesia, ozonic waters
  • Realm of Monsters: agave, sea kelp, ocean breeze, sandalwood, & patchouli
  • The Ocean is a Friend of Mine: sea salt, sea moss, green vetiver

Beyond the Goblin City (inspired by Labyrinth)

  • Goblin King: amber, cedar wood, leather, patchouli, & frost
  • You Have No Power Over Me/Sarah: vanilla lace, apples, & brown sugar & fig (vanilla orchid, brown sugar and vermont maple surrounded by fig, & musk)
  •  As the World Falls Down: white birch, vanilla, & silvered moss
  •  Bog of eternal stench: patchouli, clove, & balsam, with an effervescent background 
  • Babe with the Power: cozy flannel blanket, & baby powder
  • Hoggle: georgia peach, patchouli, & warm vanilla sugar
  • Chilly Down with the Fire Gang: sweet orange & chili pepper, woodland trees, moss, & nuts
  • No, I said Ello: earl grey tea, with a touch of blueberry

Christmas at Hogwarts Sampler (inspired by harry potter)

  • Always: silver birch, vetiver, woods, & vanilla cream 
  • Cast a Christmas spell: pomegranate, frosted cranberry, & fizzy soda
  • Ghost Carolers : pine, fir needles, cedar bark and eucalyptus, & frost
  • Godric’s Hollow: fruity blend of orange, underlined by cinnamon and clove on a dry down of french vanilla and musk
  • O’ Enchanted Night: grape, peach and plum with sparkling citrus, rose and musk 
  • The Yule Ball: blue spruce, fir, orange, cranberry, & marshmallow fireside

Christmas (in the car) With the Belchers (inspired by Bob's Burgers)

  • Candy Cane Road Rage: peppermint, vanilla cream,  & toasted marshmallows (Finally, a truck you're allowed to lick)
  • Dutch Baby: in 30 minutes or less, you can have your own dutch baby filling your room with maple syrup, and buttery goodness 
  • I’ve Got a Ham in the Oven: fresh baked ham (bonus scent...may be smaller shape/size)
  • Pick of the Runts: Christmas tree blend of cypress, & fir
  • Jingle in the Jungle: rainforest greens, orange, cranberry, & pine
  • The Santa Trap: freshly baked cookies with butter, spices, & milk
  • It’s the Day After Thanksgiving, Lin: pecan pie & whipped cream

Cranberry Lovers Sampler

  • Frosted Cranberry: cranberries kissed with winter frost and rich, velvet plum
  • Get Lit: frosted cranberry & blonde moment (iced champagne, raspberries)
  • Orange & Cranberry: freshly squeezed oranges kissed with tart cranberry
  • Cranberry Woods: red raspberry, black currant, & crushed cranberries on a base of cedar, cinnamon, & amber
  • Cranberry Fireside: frosted cranberry, & marshmallow fireside
  • Winter in Paris: spiced cranberry and french baguettes

A Very Buffy Christmas (inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Snowfall in Sunnydale: fresh breeze, ylang yang, sandalwood, fallen leaves, & frost 
  • Nothing Shall Grow Above or Below: cypress, fir clippings, & eucalyptus topped with herbal greens & clove, sweet vanilla & patchouli 
  • The Ghosts of Angel’s Past: icy notes of eucalyptus & spearmint + fresh winter air
  • Be of Good Cheer, It’s Christmas: festive fruits with hints of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and juniper on a sweet background of musk
  • Christmas Eve Dinner with the Summers: sweet cornbread dressing, honey buttered rolls, & spiced cranberries 
  • Xander’s Christmas Tradition: fresh evergreen, christmas cookies, campfire marshmallows & a tiny touch of grass

It's a Whobilation (inspired by the grinch)

  • The Grinch: whipped cream, crème de menthe, fresh mint leaves, & creamy vanilla bean
  • Cindy Lou Who: sugar cookies, peppermint, velvet sugar, & vanilla cream
  • Gift of a Christmas Shave: eucalyptus, bergamot, & orange blossom + shaving cream
  • Pucker Up, Whoville: mistletoe, pine, sweet berries, & apples
  • Who Pudding: pistachio pudding cake + whipped cream
  • It’s a Whobilation!: who-nogg (yogg nogg type), chocolate fudge + candy canes

Minter is Coming

  • The Minter Solder: peppermint, cardamom, cedarwood, amber, & patchouli
  • Candy Cane Fluff: peppermint, vanilla cream, & toasted marshmallows
  • Lavender & Peppermint: herbal lavender & peppermint
  • Mrs. Claus: peppermint, vanilla bean noel, & pink sugar
  • Merry Mint: eucalyptus, bergamot, orange, blossom, lavender, & musk
  • Peppermint Lane: cider lane (spun sugar, vanilla bean and apple cider), peppermint, & sugar crystals

The Winchester Family Business (inspired by Supernatural)

  • Wayward Sons: amber, sandalwood, spiced woods, leather, & patchouli
  • Idgits: southern pecans, bourbon,  caramel, and pie crust
  • Castiel: citrus, sandalwood, & cedar [Breath of God Dupe]
  • Holy Oil: leaves, heliotrope, charred woods of pine, cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood, with hints of roasted marshmallow, & vanilla
  • Hello Boys: salty air, fiery cinnamon, molten clove, crimson poppy, grey smoke, vetiver woods, and red cedar
  • Rowena's Hex Bag: dark berries, sweet plums, sandalwood, amber, cedar, oak, & vanilla 
  • Devils Trap: cinnamon bark, musk, black tea, patchouli, & bergamot.
  • 67 Impala: sweet and spicy blend of leather, tobacco & teakwood
  • Holy Water Linen Spray: sandalwood, cedar, juniper berries, & citrus fruits

The World is Turning Upside Down

  • Eleven's Waffles: vanilla crunch waffles, covered in maple syrup
  • Coffee & Contemplation (new variation) : coffee beans, & cinnamon sugared donuts
  • Demogorgon: blood orange, & patchouli
  • The Upside Down (new variation): smoky woods, patchouli, and an atmospheric pop of effervescence
  • The Flea & the Acrobat: black licorice, mandarin orange, sugar cane, & fizzy soda 
  • The Pumpkin Patch: pumpkin, ginger, brown sugar, patchouli, & clove
  • The Vanishing of Will Beyers: autumn leaves, patchouli, balsam, & vetiver
  • Thessalhydra: dark amber, exotic guiacwood, cedarwood, cinnamon, burnt sugar, & maple
  • Dragon's Lair: creme soda, skittles, sweet & salty popcorn 

Welcome to Santa Carla (inspired by Lost Boys)

  • Santa Carla Boardwalk: salt water taffy, blood orange, cotton candy, & salty sea air
  • Be One of Us: amber, blood orange, patchouli, oakmoss, & sandalwood 
  • The Vanishing Girl: pink sugar, vanilla lace, & patchouli 
  • The Frog Brothers: red cedar, oakmoss, sandalwood, & clove, with a tiny touch of garlic
  • Bath Time with Nanook: lavender, vanilla, & honey with extra bubbles 
  • All the Damn Vampires: root beer, & vanilla cream

Trick or Treat Yo' Self (inspired by Parks and Recreation + Halloween)

  • All the Black Clothes! (treat yo’ self!): ebony linen, patchouli, balsam resin, & vetiver
  • Fragrances fit for the undead! (treat yo’ self): pomegranate, red osmanthus, & vanilla rum [forever red type], & patchouli 
  • Zombie Massages! (treat yo’ self): lavender, & patchouli [stress relief]
  • Bloody Mimosas! (treat yo’ self): blood orange juice and champagne
  • Black Leather Boots! (treat yo’ self): leather, cedarwood, brown sugar, & fig  

Teen Witch

  • Finest Hour: moonlit magic, tea, jasmine, & sandalwood
  • Top That: lavender, spearmint, & peppermint

The Evil Dead

  • Knowby’s Cabin: Smells like exploring the basement of an old cabin. notes: cedar wood, cinnamon bark, cider, spice, patchouli, balsam, sandalwood, & fallen leaves
  • Necronom-nom-nom-icon: Smells like the ancient Sumarian Book of the Dead, bound in fruit leather and   inked in blood orange

Fluff for Brains

  • Carnival town: candy apples, caramel popcorn, & toasted marshmallow
  • Pearamello: bartlett pear, salted caramel, & toasted marshmallows
  • Campfire S’mores: graham crackers, chocolate, & toasted marshmallows
  • Oh my gourd, Becky. Look at those buns: pumpkin souffle, cinnamon buns, & toasted marshmallows
  • Marshmallow Lane: cider lane (apple cider & spun sugar), &  toasted marshmallows
  • Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: pomegranate, strawberry, & toasted marshmallows

Fall Carnival Sampler

  • Candy Apple: apples, a hint of cinnamon, and a base of caramelized sugar
  • Cotton Candy: sweet spun sugar 
  • Funnel Cake: deep fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon, & powdered sugar
  • Kettle Corn: freshly-popped popcorn drizzled with brown sugar & syrupy molasses then hit with a dash of salt

Breakfast Club Sampler [Fall Version]

  • Apple Strudel Muffins: spiced apples, strudel, & spice
  • Boo Berry Cereal: rice krispies, toasted marshmallows, & sweet blueberries
  • Caramel Macchiato: caramel, coconut milk, coffee beans, cocoa, & frothy milk
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (type): warm waffles topped with pumpkin maple syrup, highlighted with sweet butter and crushed pecans

Ready for Autumn Sampler

  • Apple Orchard: apples so fresh and sweet you'll think you just picked them yourself. There is just a touch of spice, but it's so nice
  • Autumn Leaves (type): crisp autumn leaves with notes of musk, bergamot and clove blend with just a hint of creamy vanilla. 
  • Cider Lane (type): a blend of spun sugar, vanilla bean, & apple cider
  • Marshmallow Fireside (type): toasted marshmallow, vanilla cream, & smoldering woods
  • Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (type): warm waffles topped with pumpkin maple syrup, highlighted with sweet butter and crushed pecans
  • Sweater Weather (type): juniper berry, fresh eucalyptus and sage on a woodsy background, with a touch of spearmint

Amelie of Montmartre

  • Amelie of Montmartre: sweet raspberries, & creme brûlée 
  • Blubber: raw sugarcane,  vanilla orchid, freesia, & juniper 
  • Cafe Des Duex Moulins: espresso, steamed milk, caramel, & tobacco 
  • Ghost Train: amber, sandalwood, vanilla, freesia, orchid, & musk 
  • Glass Man: mulled wine, blackberries, & buttery sugar cookies 
  • Hello, Kitten: earl grey tea, apple, chamomile, shaved ginger, and vanilla 
  • Montmartre: Myrrh, french cognac, rosewood noir, spiced tobacco, frankincense, & cane sugar 
  • Traveling Gnome: orange blossom, sandalwood, kashmir vanilla, cedar, jasmine, & amber 

A Story About Love

  • The Green Fairy: [absinthe) star anise, amber, cinnamon, and herbal green notes 
  • The Moulin Rouge: pomegranate, raspberry, pink pepper, lily, red osmanthus, vanilla rum, french peach, & apple 
  • Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Love: pomegranate, raspberry, plum, lily, & fizzy soda 
  • Sparkling Diamond:  sweet strawberry, black amber, vanilla bean, & spice 
  • Come What May: pink sugar, amber, vanilla, cedar, & oak
  • The Poet: birch, vetiver, amber, grapefruit, & geranium

French Baguette Sampler

  • French Baguettes 
  • Grape jam + French Baguettes 
  • Apricot & Honey + French Baguettes 
  • Strawberry Jam + French Baguettes 
  • Bartlett Pear + French Baguettes 
  • Raspberry Jam + French Baguette 

Dude, Where's My Pie?

  • Apple Pie: mac apple, pie crust, & ice cream scoop bread
  • Lemon Meringue Pie: lemon curd, toasted marshmallow, & pie crust 
  • Blueberry Pie: fresh blueberries, & flakey pie crust 
  • Pecan Pie: southern pecans, caramelized pralines, & flakey pie crust 
  • Blackberry Pie: blackberry jam, & pie crust 
  • Cherry Pie: black cherries, vanilla bean, & pie crust

Summer Boardwalk Sampler

  • Funnel Cake: cinnamon, sugar, & fried dough
  • Kettle Corn: salted popcorn, & caramelized sugar
  • Salt Water Taffy: salt water taffy, & sweet strawberry
  • Corndogs: smoky, maple covered pork deep fried in cornmeal
  • Cotton Candy: sweet spun sugar blended with strawberrieses, & raspberries
  • Deep Fried Oreos: chocolate cream cookies, fried dough, & powdered sugar

Breakfast Club Sampler

  • Maple Smoked Bacon: hickory smoked bacon, vermont maple sugar, melted butter, vanilla extract, and fresh morning coffee 
  • French Toast: warm slices of french toast covered in sugar and maple syrup with a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • I'm Super Cereal: yummy blend of fruit loops, rice krispies, and marshmallows
  • Coffee & Contemplation: freshly brewed coffee accentuated by hints of rum, brandy, & brown sugar

Never Nude Wax Sampler (inspired by Arrested Development)

  • There's Always Money in the Banana Stand: banana, caramel, cake and brownie batter 
  • Afternoon Delight: brownie batter, & marijuana 
  • Her?: no description given (plain vanilla ice cream)
  • I'm Afraid I Just Blue Myself: blue cotton candy, blue raspberry, & blue rock candy 
  • Mrs. Featherbottom: cream cheese frosting, sweet cream, & vanilla bean 
  • The Cornballer: sweet cornbread 
  • Spring Break, Woo!: strawberries, cream, pineapple, & coconut 
  • Dead Dove Do Not Eat!: cucumber & green tea (dove dupe)

Mint to Be Sampler

  • Buttercream, Buttercream, Fresh Mint: buttercream, mint, & caramel 
  • Garden Mint: spearmint, & romaine lettuce 
  • Ocean Mint: ocean air, ozone, & mint 
  • Rosemary Mint: peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, & a touch of vanilla (Aveda Type

All the Carbs Sampler 

  • Aloha Paradise: pineapple, & twinkies
  • American Beauty: spiced apples, & freshly baked strudel
  • Dem Buns Dough: cinnamon buns, & cream cheese frosting
  • Hot Fudge Car Wash: creamy chocolate batter with top notes of butter, cream, & cocoa powder
  • Paris is My Jam: grape jam, & french baguettes
  • The Farmer’s Daughter: blackberry jam, pie crust, & sweet cornbread
  • Velvet Crimson Cake: red currants, strawberry, cocoa powder, and sweet buttercream
  • Voodoo Beignets: beignets, powdered sugar, & whipped cream

Friends Never Lie Sampler (inspired by Stranger Things)

  • Eleven: vanilla crunch waffle batter + maple syrup
  • Lunch Lady's Stash: chocolate pudding
  • Demogorgon: blood orange + patchouli
  • Coffee & Contemplation: fresh brewed coffee 
  • The Upside Down: pineapple upside down cake

Powerpuff Girls Sampler

  • Bubbles: bubblegum [bazooka] + pink sugar [berries, fig, licorice, cotton candy] + cotton candy [strawberry & raspberry flavored spun sugar] 
  • Blossom: indian orange, lemon juice, acai berries, & starfruit + night blooming jasmine cassis, & vanilla on a base of warm woods 
  • Buttercup: pistachio pudding cake [vanilla custard, pistachio nuts, honey, & almond] + peanut putter cup [creamy peanut butter & chocolate] 
  • Professor Utonium: spicy ginger, warm bourbon, cinnamon, clove with a fizzy effervescence + cream soda [vanilla cream & caramelized sugar] 
  • The Mayor of Townsville: shave & haircut [bergamot, orange zest, & cedarwood] + blue sugar [patchouli, soft musk, & vanilla]

Creatures From the Deep

  • Call of Cthulhu: tonka bean, amber, ozone, ylang ylang, & tuberose with base notes of patchouli & sugared vanilla musk
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon: coconut, cedar wood, tonka bean, madagascar vanilla, amber noir, patchouli, & vetiver
  • Legend of Nessie: coconut cream tahitian vanilla, sandalwood, salt water taffy, & blue cotton candy
  • Release the Kraken: sweet musk, coconut, cotton candy, spiced vanilla, & salty sea air
  • Selkies: The Endless Obsession: juicy melon, jasmine, aged driftwood, juniper berries, anise, vanilla musk all on a marine base
  • Siren’s Song: pink sugar, cotton candy, & salty sea air

Bromper Sampler

  • Peach Chambray: (mahogany teakwood type): mahogany, cedar wood, oak, lavender, & geranium
  • Button Print: (This Charming Man) amber, tobacco, & caramel 
  • Green Chambray: (67 Impala) sweet & spicy tobacco, leather and teakwood 
  • Blue Chambray: (Blue Steel) barbershop and blue sugar
  • Splatter Print: coffee, caramel, & tobacco 
  • Lavender Chambray: (twilight woods type) lavender, vanilla, & musk on a woodsy base

Starter Pokemon Sampler

  • Ash Ketchum: a blend of petitgrain, cardamom, oakmoss, rosewood, with a powdery base
  • Misty Mermaid: a blend of sea salt, ocean mist, vetiver, sea moss, water mint, & cedar wood
  • Pikachu: a blend of lemon, berries, sugar crystals, coconut, amber, cedar wood
  • Snorlax: a blend of bamboo, orchid, vanilla, violets & powder
  • Jiggly Puff: a blend of strawberry jelly donut, and toasted marshmallow
  • Psyduck: [migraine buster] a blend of rosemary, mint, & lavender
  • Pokeball: midnight pomegranate 
  • Bulbasaur: fresh cut grass, clover, & wisteria + green ivy, with a base of soft florals
  • Charmander: sweet orange & chili pepper + orange dreamsicle
  • Squirtle: sea air, apple blossom, water lily, & bergamot

The Fifth Element Sampler

  • Fire: sweet orange & chili pepper
  • Water: flowing water on a powdery base
  • Earth: oakmoss, lily, & fern with a tiny touch of dirt
  • Air/Wind: clean air, cotton blossom, & driftwood
  • Supreme Being: juniper berries, anise, deep violet, rose, & sandalwood

The Pearl & the Sparrow Set

  • The Pearl is a blend of lavender, chamomile, myrrh, & olibanum with base notes of water, & powder
  • The Sparrow: a blend of ozone, ylang ylang, & tuberose with base notes of patchouli & musk

Trust Me, I'm the Doctor Sampler (inspired by Doctor Who)

  • Gallifrey: a blend of orange, vanilla, cedarwood, & rose
  • Time Lord...of misrule [Lord of Misrule dupe], a blend of rich patchouli, warm sandalwood, citrus, vetiver, & black pepper
  • Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey, is a blend of raspberry, peach, grapefruit, champagne, & violets
  • T.A.R.D.I.S.: a blend of grape, peach, plum, rose, musk, & blue cotton candy
  • Regeneration, a blend of lemongrass, sage, violet, cinnamon, vanilla musk, mixed with effervescent lemon lime soda
  • Sonic Screwdriver: a blend of orange, strawberries and just enough alcohol to make it nice

Bob's Burgers Sampler #2

  • Ambergris Decoy: fresh laundry + sweet cantaloupe ["Hey, It smells like cantaloupe wrapped in dirty socks. It is cantaloupe wrapped in dirty socks"]
  • Family Funtime: cream cheese frosting and birthday cake [the perfect  melt for birthday crashers and those looking to improve your burger boss score. BOBSUX]
  • Gayle Force Winds:[Storm Watch] roses, cyclamen, jasmine, and carnation with a hint of apple and woody notes [be careful, your indecision to order this sampler may anger the Gayle force winds]
  • Hot Fudge Car Wash: dark chocolate fudge with milk chocolate and walnuts [hottt fuuudge car washhh noooooo!]
  • Kuchi Kopi’s Speakeasy: club soda blend with citrus accents, fresh rosemary, crushed ginger, balsam fir, cedar, blood orange, sugar and mandarin oranges [gimme your best bootleg hooch]
  • Moisten the Mizzenmast: sea salt, ocean mist and aquatic florals blend with base notes of sea greenery, fresh air and soft musk [you know what I mean, alriiiiiiight!]
  • Nude Beach Blondies: warm & buttery vanilla fudge [the new Hugo see's only a man, a nude man selling blondies]
  • Oh hey, Marshmallow!: a blend of toasted marshmallow, & salted caramel & sweet coconut [blush]

Halfway to Halloween Sampler

  • King of Hell: ginger soufflé, patchouli, & blood orange 
  • Salt & Burn: salted caramel, toasted marshmallow, and strudel 
  • Caramel Apple: mac apple and salted caramel
  • Candy Corn: salted caramel, honey, and creamy vanilla 
  • Dead Man's Party: berries, patchouli, brown sugar & fig 
  • Dark Arts: patchouli, balsam, & vetiver

Lavender Bakery Sampler

  • Lavender Wedding Cake: lavender essential oil, white cake, almond, madagascar vanilla, & buttercream frosting
  • Lavender Coconut Macarons lavender essential oil, rich almond paste, toasted coconut flakes and just a kiss of citrus zest
  • Lavender Truffles: french lavender with subtle hints of creamy milk chocolate, amber, and jasmine
  • Lavender Sugar Cookies: lavender essential oil, baked sugar cookies with a touch of butter and sweet vanilla
  • Lavender Marzipan: lavender essential oil, almond, rose, benzoin, cassis, and black current
  • Lavender Lemon Cupcakes: lavender essential oil, yellow cake with a sweet lemon glaze and a hint of warm vanilla

Paris is Always a Good Idea

  • Sweet on Paris [B&B Type]: paris bakery notes of blackberry, lemon and buttery vanilla
  • Fresh Baguettes: the smell of warm bread baking, with the scent of melting butter over a crunchy crust. smells just like freshly baked baguettes 
  • French Lime Blossom [Jo Malone Type]: scent of sweet lime blossoms with a twist of bergamot and tarragon 
  • French Market: french market flower stalls smells of beautiful roses, magnolia, irises, tuberose, & gardenia 
  • Paris [YSL TYPE]: mimosa, orange flower, rose, moss, sandalwood, and amber
  • Champs-Élysées [Guerlain Type]: a refreshing, flowery fragrance, floral rose, black currant, mimosa leaves, hibiscus, and almond wood

Bob's Burgers Sampler

  • Bob's Beauties: you'll think you've found your happy place when you smell this blend of fresh tomato leaf, & garden soil
  • Thundermints: no matter what troop you belong to, you will enjoy this creamy peppermint, chocolate and vanilla wafer cookie scent. [TWO-FIVE-SEVEN!]
  • Pesto Colada: restrooms are for customers only, so you may as well enjoy Jimmy's own blend of pineapple, coconut milk, & rum with just a touch of basil
  • Dutch Baby: in 30 minutes or less, you can have your own dutch baby filling your room with maple syrup, and buttery goodness
  • Full Size Bars: straight from Kings Head Island, this scent is full of chocolate and caramel goodness
  • Blueberry Girl: freshly picked blueberries delivered straight from the pot farm
  • Team Soft Serve: strawberry ice cream and sugar waffle cone [no swirls]
  • I Want Some Burgers & Fries: hamburger with pickles and fries
  • Wonder Wharf: a blend of caramel glazed popcorn, warm taffy apples and sweet, creamy saltwater taffy [Goodbye, Mr. Goiter. I love you so much!]
  • Farts are Liberty: banana, coconut, mango, cotton candy, strawberries, hints of grapefruit, kiwi and even bubble gum [Come on and set them free!]

Irish AF Sampler

  • Irish Cream Coffee: roasted coffee, oak aged liquor, & vanilla cream
  • Irish Pub: beer, bourbon, tobacco, & caramel
  • Shenanigans: rainbow skittles
  • Erin Go Bragh: lush greens, carnations, roses, clover, & star anise Shamrock Shake: mint, chocolate, & ice cream scoop bread

La Belle et la Bête Wax Melt Sampler

  • Belle: a complex blend of roses, magnolia, jasmine, violet, sandalwood, amber, with just a touch of leather
  • Beast: petitgrain, cardamom, and citrus, infused jasmine and rosemary with a base of musk, oakmoss and Brazilian rosewood
  • Gaston: silver birch leaves, clementine peel and crisp ozonic notes are followed by pine cone accords and white geraniums with a dry down of vetiver, sandalwood, and sequoia woods mixed with french vanilla, & oak
  • Enchanted Rose: frosted ivy, wild berries, alluring winter roses, creamy vanilla, musk, oakmoss, and sweet pop of spun sugar. 
  • The Grey Stuff: chocolate sandwich cookies with a creamy frosting center, tiny hints of walnut, warm spice, and sweet maple sugar 
  • Lumiere: french lavender & cedar leaf, blended with amber, violet, heliotrope, and vanilla.
  • Cogsworth: mahogany, cedar wood and oak, with top notes of fresh lavender and geranium blended with sandalwood, and amber
  • Mrs. Potts & Chip: white tea, apricot kernels, nutmeg and ginger blended with fresh lemons, warm vanilla extract, a hint of sugar, and fresh cream.

Galentine's Day Sampler

  • Kick It, Breakfast Style: creamy butter, crisp bacon, cinnamon and spices, golden batter, sweet maple syrup and vanilla sugar. 
  • Waffles, Friends, and Work: creamy vanilla waffle batter, maple syrup, and whipped cream
  • Hand-crocheted Flower Pen Bouquet: blend of roses, jasmine, violet and lily with a touch of musk
  • Lilith Fair, Minus the Angst: clean citrus followed by sweet florals of jasmine and violets and rests on a base of cedar, sandalwood, musk, tonka, and light amber notes
  • Galentine’s Mimosas: champagne, mandarin orange, raw sugar and raspberry
  • Ladies Celebrating Ladies: sparkling white wine with whispers of wild jasmine and peony on a soothing base of amber, sandalwood and musk

Fantastic Melts and Where To Buy Them Sampler

  • Newt Scamander: a blend of rich mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood, spice, vanilla and oakmoss
  • Pickett: a blend of lush green bamboo, orange blossoms, apples, coconut milk, red raspberries, cedar, redwood, tonka, and vanilla beans
  • Demiguise: a blend of light citrus peel, clove buds, cinnamon, sweet vanilla, butter, &  brown sugar 
  • Niffler: a sophisticated blend of citrus, floral notes, cedarwood, maple syrup, and bourbon
  • Occamy: a blend of herbal tea, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, ginger, sandalwood, lavender, bergamot, & lemon blossom
  • Obscurus: a blend of warm patchouli, mandarin orange, clove, vetivert, sugar cane, musk, & vanilla

Doctor Who Mini Sampler

  • Bad Wolf (supernova lush dupe) sweet, effervescent grapes with light nuances of rose and geranium on a background of patchouli and warm musk.
  • Soufflé Girl: blend of mandarin orange and ginger soufflé
  • The Doctor: masculine fresh citrus blends with rich patchouli, soft musk and sweet vanilla

The Joy of Melting (inspired by Bob Ross)

  • Happy Little Trees: earthy spices, sweet florals on a delicate background of oakmoss, sandalwood, and vanilla.
  • Happy Little Accidents: cedar, patchouli, raspberries, sandalwood, clove buds, cinnamon, & pine needles
  • Cerulean Yellow: citrus highlights of fresh lemon and sweet orange, with floral and green herbaceous notes
  • Happy Little Clouds: notes of lily, bergamot, geranium, violet, and precious woods.
  • Majestic Perm: bay rum, amber and musk (barbershop blend)

Treat Yo' Self 2016

  • CLOTHES!: Downy april fresh  
  • FRAGRANCES!: Bombshell [VS dupe] a fruity and floral blend 
  • MASSAGES!: spa relaxation blend of mint, ozone, and floral notes 
  • MIMOSAS!:  strawberry mimosas [strawberries + champagne]
  • FINE LEATHER GOODS!: a combination of leather, cedar wood, brown sugar, & fig

Christmas Vacation Sampler 

  • Say Grace: jello with notes of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit 
  • The Griswalds Family Christmas Tree: a combo of christmas tree and fireside
  • Mele Kalikimaka: sweet mango, vanilla absolute and creamy coconut with a touch of lotus flower
  • The Shitter Was Full: a rich creamy chocolate batter with top notes of butter, cream, cocoa and luscious cake on a cloud of rich vanilla 
  • Jelly of the Month Club: tangy cranberry and juicy red apple sprinkled with just the right amount of sugared cinnamon spice
  • Can I refill your eggnog? fresh ground nutmeg, creamy vanilla and pralines on a base of sweet dark rum

Christmas at Hogwarts 2016 

  • The Yule Ball: festive pine scent with a top note of sweet berries, green apples, and siberian pine needles. 
  • Chocolate Frogs:rich and creamy milk chocolate with a light coating of cocoa powder
  • Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans: jellybean scent with notes of grape, raspberry, tangerine, juicy peach, lemon drop, and vanilla
  • Butterbeer: rum, french vanilla, butterscotch, and maple syrup
  • Polyjuice Potion: leeches, knotgrass, strawberries, raspberries, and soft florals. 
  • Christmas Eve at Godric's Hollow: winter snow blend

Fairytale Princess Sampler

  • Poisoned Apple [Snow White]: red macintosh apple
  • Under the Sea [Ariel] sea kelp scent full of salty ozone. and watery greens surrounded by white musk and vetiver. 
  • After Midnight [Cinderella] a clean linen scent with hints of lily, jasmine, rose, amber, musk
  • Arabian Nights [Princess Jasmine] :morocco orchid, pink amber, succulent apricot, spiced fig, jasmine, creamy vanilla, & kashmir wood, 
  • Provincial Life [Belle]: earthy wood and lush rose petals, blended with a base of soft musk
  • Let it Go [Elsa]: snow crocuses dancing in the ozone with a backdrop of  spicy juniper berry and the richness of the forest woods

The Walking Dead Sampler

  • Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (brain shape): pomegranate, strawberry, and marshmallow with a watermelon "blood" drizzle. 
  • Walkers: a blend of pistachio and lemon pound cake 
  • Lucille: a blend of vanilla, tonka bean, & cedar

Bromance Sampler

  • Sherlock and Watson: (london fog) notes of jasmine, citrus, ozone and moss
  • Dean and Castiel: vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and musk
  • Roy and Moss: amber, orange, oakmoss and musk
  • J. D. and Turk: suede, patchouli, sandalwood and velvet musk
  • Seth and James: pineapple, coconut milk, jasmine, and cannabis 
  • Nick and Schmidt: woodsy blend fit for a lumberjack 
  • Stewart and Colbert: sandalwood, clover, iris, and violet
  • Ron Swanson and his mustache: a nostalgic barbershop scent
  • Woody and Matthew: evergreen, pine needles and mountain ai 

Walking Dead Sampler

  • Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (brain shape): pomegranate, strawberry, and marshmallow with a watermelon "blood" drizzle. 
  • Walkers: a blend of pistachio and lemon pound cake 
  • Lucille: a blend of vanilla, tonka bean, & cedar

Sunsets over Sunnydale Sampler (inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

  • Mr. Pointy: cedar, & redwood with hints of apple, raspberry, & vanilla
  • The Watcher: earl grey tea, cognac, chamomile, clove, and cannabis flower 
  • Scooby Gang: snickerdoodle, & creamy caramel
  • The Bronze: teakwood, coffee beans, leather, bergamot, & vetiver
  • The Hell Mouth: sweet orange, chili pepper, & red hot cinnamon
  • Oh, Bite Me!: black cherry, strawberry, violet, & vanilla
  • Hush: Lavender, & Chamomile
  • The Slayer: a dreamy blend of powder, & soft floral notes
  • Angelus: sicilian lemon, tonka bean, madagascar vanilla, & amber noir

I Love the 80's Sampler